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How To Build A Computer For Home Recording

By  Brandon Drury | Published  10/25/2006 | Recording Computers / DAW

Building Your Own Recording Computer

Before you jump in and decide to build a home recording computer, you should decide if building a computer is right for you. There is a great thread on this topic found in the member's only section of the forum found here: Building my own computer for my own little home studio?

Benefits Of Building Your Own Recording Computer

  • Building an audio recording computer is not difficult. I like to compare setting up a computer to putting together a home theater system with a TV, Playstation, and DVD player. Actually, I find it much easier to build the computer.

  • You build the recording computer so you know how to fix it

  • You will save at a lot of money

  • You select the components and therefor can choose to use motherboards, processors, ram, hard drives, based on quality and not so much on hitting a rock bottom price point.

  • You will save time because it's quicker to build a computer than it is to remove all the useless junk that name brand computers come jam packed with.

  • You will be more confident when it comes to dealing with problems.

  • You'll use a case that you can actually fit your hand into. Many name brand cases are so small that they are nearly impossible to work on.

Drawbacks Of Building Your Own Computer

  • You are building it. So if you are an idiot who scrapes the motherboard with a screwdriver for no apparent reason, you may cause damage and destroy the computer. If you are not mentally deranged, you should have no problem, however.

  • Some people are scared of computers. If this is you, maybe you shouldn't build one. Of course, I'm not sure how you are going to run a recording studio if you are afraid of computers.

  • Some people feel piece of mind knowing that a pro put together a computer. This is a legitimate reason. If this is the case, I recommend you find a competent professional to build the computer for you. (He'll need to know your soundcard's special special requirements which you'll see below).

  • Warrantee are usually limited to one year on computer hardware components. Of course, in my experience custom built computers last much longer than the name brand computers. I think this is due to the fact that you are getting much better components for the money.

  • If people quit buying name brand computers, the quality of Super Bowl commercials may go down.

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