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What Recording Gear Do I Need?

Selecting microphones, preamps, cables, audio interfaces, recording software (DAW), plugins (reverbs, brickwall limiters, compressors, delays, equalizers), is one major fiasco. Get help at Recording Toys And Tactics!

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I’m Having Problems With My Recording Equipment And Software. What Do I Do?

Recording gear is much more reliable than it was just a few years ago. That’s a great thing, but there’s one downside to it. People now seem to have a harder time when things do go wrong. The old timers here at RecordingReview.com have been doing this long enough that we know most tricks in the book. Just post a thread in Fixing Gear or Recording Software and we’ll fix you right up….hopefully. SMILIE

I Need Help With My Mixing

The bottom line is there is generally quite a deviation between the raw tracks and the final mix. That’s called “mixing”. The bad news is you have to directly compete with A-list ultra robo mixers when your song follows a big boy production. You local state champion dude is a stud, but he’d be embarrassed if he went up against the pros.

The good news is you can get direct feedback on your song/mix in Bash This Recording. I’ve seen mixes improve by absolutely incredible amounts. Especially for people doing their first mix, it’s unbelieveable how much can change in one forum thread. Use it!

I Need Help Micing Drums, Guitars, Vocals, etc

Tracking instruments, getting the most out of singers, comping vocals, and all the other stuff that goes into recording can be an absolutely infinite craft. Got a question! Ask. We’ve got amazing conversations covering everything from overhead mic placement to acoustic treatment and studio monitoring in Recording Toys And Tactics;


Audio Interface Wizard 2.0

Looking for an audio interface? It’s a disaster! Looking for an audio interface with 8 mic preamps, a Hi-Z input, and 8 channels of input via ADAT? No problem. You can see a list of all available audio interfaces in seconds that meet that criteria.

Audio Interface Wizard 2.0

Panipulator 2.0

I’ve had the Panipulator VST plugin for years, but Boz from Boz Digital Labs helped me out by souping it up BIG TIME. It’s a super cool plugin that I recommend everyone trying.

Panipulator 2

Recording Gear Quiz

This is a fun one I put together in probably 2007 to directly intertwine cash with guitar recording. If you like the cheapo signal chain, I’ll show you how much cash I wasted. It’s all in good fun. Try it out!

Recording Gear Quiz