John Frusciante and Ryan Hewitt Tape Op Interview: AMAZING!

Brandon Drury —  October 19, 2007

Hello one and all,
I finally got around to reading one of the best interviews I can remember coming across in a recording magazine. I’m usually not a huge fan of recording magazines. Many of them are crappy….which may explain why I keep my recording magazines in the bathroom…ha ha.

Anyway, if you get a chance, I HIGHLY recommend the John Frusciante / Ryan Hewitt interview. It offers mindblowing insight into concepts and theories of recording. In past articles I’ve read with John Frusciante, he’s been in some kind of fried/hippy/buddha/truth/universe mode. However, in this article he comes across as a very intelligent, normal dude who’s done enough recording and songwriting to know that he wants to make $10,000 solo records even when he’s winning Grammy Awards.

There were several main points that I found very interesting.

  • The problem of overusing eyes for recording – This is a huge problem in the computer recording realm.
  • The magic of a band playing together in the room with bleed and all. They mentioned the musical and engineering challenges faced when recording everything separate (not always what a beginner would expect).
  • The benefits of recording fast and not over thinking the music. It’s one thing to pay attention to detail. It’s another thing to rob the music of character. Finding the perfect balance is when magic occurs.
  • Being open to different recording methods. As you may know, John Frusciante is the guitar player for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He has a billion bucks and is recording in a house…not a big studio (although his gear is ROBO high end vintage type stuff).

If you don’t have a free subscription to Tape Op, get one immediately. I actually have a couple of issues of Tape Op in my control room. So maybe it’s not just another crappy recording magazine!

Brandon Drury

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Brandon Drury quit counting at 1,200 recorded songs in his busy home recording studio. He is the creator of and is the author of the Killer Home Recording series.

4 responses to John Frusciante and Ryan Hewitt Tape Op Interview: AMAZING!

  1. Tape op is the best. I read every issue. But you are correct, this interview was even better than most. If you don’t get tape op, I don’t see why.

  2. Can’t you post the article here, seeing as how by the time our new subscription arrives, it won’t be for two more months?

    At least post some excerpts, as it’s not possible for me to read the article otherwise.

    “Here little boy…want some candy……WELL TO BAD KID!”

    Haha…..that’s what it feels like.

    Where do we buy or find this edition?

  3. Alright Daniel, what didn’t you understand?


  4. yeahimsteve, I can’t publish Tape Op here because I’m not affiliated with their magazine. That would be stealing… in the modern / digital sense of the word.

    The issue is already out though. That’s why I wrote the article. If you just now subscribed to Tape Op, I understand your lack of patience. All I can say is your bathroom breaks will never be the same again.