Just Ordered Presonus Firestudio

Brandon Drury —  January 9, 2008

Now that I’m retiring my single functional M-Audio Delta 1010, I have replaced it with a Presonus Firestudio / M-Audio Octane preamp. You can read all about why I decided to leave my M-Audio Delta 1010 audio interface in Departing With M-Audio Delta 1010 Audio Interfaces This article is about why I chose the Presonus Firestudio.

As I mentioned in the previous M-Audio Delta 1010 article, I need the following features:

  • Stereo headphone mixes
  • Portability
  • Less cables
  • More simultaneous inputs

On top of that I want to add:

  • Don’t want to spend a zillion dollars

Finding The Right Audio Interfaces
I put quite a bit of research into finding the right audio interface for me. It was very important that I had the ability to fire up as many headphone mixes as necessary. I’m not big on giving out headphone mixes to each and every band member, but in the end the customer / client is always right. If they want fancy headphone mixes, I’m all for it. If I can make them feel more comfortable when they play, they will probably play better. They will probably end up coming out of my studio feeling happier about the entire experience. As outlined in my previous blog, it was very important for me to setup a stereo headphone mix(s) as I think it makes it easier to hear what is really going on. So my first goal was to find an audio interface that had a powerful headphone mixing system with zero latency. (That’s another thing. I feel very strange sending drummers a mix from Cubase even if it is only 2ms behind. Then again, no one seems to complain.)

I was delighted to see that many manufacturers have powerful solutions for the headphone mixing thing. RME, MOTU, Presonus, M-Audio, and probably many others all had solutions.

After that, I had to make sure I found a Firewire unit. This really didn’t knock the selection down too much. Most of the audio interfaces that had the headphone routing system also had Firewire. I’m not exactly sure why. I guess Firewire is more popular than PCI these days. (Forgive me, while I’ve helped a million trillion people select audio interfaces on the recording forum, I haven’t bought one for myself in almost 7 years. Most of the people I help are usually going for simpler setups than I require.)

So from there, it was just an issue of price. I immediately ruled out any sound quality differences. When it comes to the sound quality of an audio interface, the main factors are the built in preamps (if applicable), the analog to digital conversion when sending signal into the audio interface, and the digital to analog conversion when sending signal out of the audio interface. That’s pretty much it. There are guys who are big on modding power supplies and things of that sort, but I usually don’t dig that far. I’m more worried about the plywood I have nailed up all over the place in my live room. I have my Mytek converters which are extremely expensive and the difference between them and my M-Audio Delta 1010s was very subtle. I’m positive that dumping the extra cash on RME wouldn’t result in an improvement that would justify it’s expense to my clients and therefor it doesn’t justify it’s expense to me either. Maybe the RME would last longer and be more durable, but you never really know with this stuff. The way my luck has been, anything I use is going to break!

I ended up selecting the Presonus Firestudio. It has just about everything I need for $700. I really wish it had dual S/PDIF inputs so I could use all four channels of Mytek conversion. I guess my second Mytek AD96 is going to be taking a break for a while.

I like the fact that I can add 16 additional channels via ADAT Lightpipe. I really don’t have any need for 26 simultaneous inputs today, you never know what the future will hold. I like the idea that I can borrow an 8 channel preamp with ADAT outputs and immediately expand my rig when necessary.

Now the hard part: Finding an 8 channel ADAT converter.

Brandon Drury

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Brandon Drury quit counting at 1,200 recorded songs in his busy home recording studio. He is the creator of and is the author of the Killer Home Recording series.

11 responses to Just Ordered Presonus Firestudio

  1. Hey there..
    Im planing to buy Audio interface for my Samplitude , Iwnat to know if this Presonus Firepod is compatible.
    initially, im thinkin to but the Delta 1010 from M-audio.


  2. Hehehe, I haven’t read it yet. But I’m pretty exited to read it ’cause I had recently opted for a Firestudio! I don’t have it yet though.

  3. Just don’t plan on using it with Cakewalk Sonar 6 and above. Take some time and read the forums on the Presonus site.

  4. It appears that Sonar 6 has a problem with DICE II audio interfaces in general. Interesting. Good thing I’m using Cubase SX3.

  5. Hi Brandon, so… After 2 months, how are you liking it? I haven’t ordered mine yet. I’m considering the Line 6 UX8. For what I need it might be fine. Plus, I’ve had a good experience with the UX2 for a few years now. The UX8 is also $200 cheaper than the Firestudio. What do you think? I might need to post this in the forum instead of doing it here though!??

  6. The Firestudio is great. It has solved numerous problems I have had in the past and the unit has been very reliable so far. I see no reason for that to change.

    The Firestudio includes features that most people aren’t going to need. I needed an audio interface which lots of inputs (26 when you factor in ADAT and S/PDIF) that can all be controlled by the monitor matrix. If I hadn’t needed this I would have went with the FP 10.

    Go ahead and start a thread about it so we can better address your needs.

  7. Hey Brandon. Thanks. I just started a new thread titled… Presonus Firestudio vs. Line 6 Toneport UX8 vs. neither!

  8. mr brandon, im still beginner with home recording…im using tascam US1641…is it good for the started? thanks…

  9. I have heard heard recordings made with the US1641 and I thought they sounded just as great as anything else out there. For the money, the US1641 appears to be a great interface.

    So use it with confidence! I don’t believe there is a “make or break” interface out there. In other words, I don’t think there is one magic interface that is going to make you sound like a badass while another interface will make you sound like a joke. They are all very very close.


  10. Hey guys I am so confused on how to record multi instruments on seperate tracks through my presonus digimax 8 channel pre amp. This is connected to a 4 channel mixer which is connected to my m-audio delta soundcard. I am going to take away the mixer and connect the preamp str8 to the soundcard.

    my questions are – how do i go about this?

    And what is adat pipe connection and how do i hook it up coz i know my preamp has that connection.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated thanks


  11. Hey Christine,

    I would ditch the mixer for now. It’s needed unless you want to do direct monitoring. That’s another topic so it’s probably best just to get the thing hooked up for now.

    The Presonus Digimax 8 has direct outs in the back. This basically means the signal flows out of the preamp and straight to direct out. Plug a 1/4″ TRS cable from the direct out #1 of the Digimax into Channel #1 of the M-Audio Delta. (Which Delta do you have?) Repeat this with all 8 (assuming you have the Detla 1010).