Pintech Edrums Awesome Service!

Brandon Drury —  October 21, 2009

I always like to highlight companies that give me exceptional service. Some companies just sell you stuff. Some companies will sell you crap you don’t need in order to increase their bottom line. Some companies seriously take care of you and that’s why I’m writing this little blog.

I had an exceptional experience with Pintech, makers of high end edrums (among other things). I had purchased a Pintech edrum kit used and it was clear that the triggers were a little bit more worn than I was lead to believe based on the Ebay ad.

I limped by on the old triggers for some time in the pre-Killer Home Recording phase. It was time to fix the triggers and get the edrum kit to work like I knew it was capable of. I hopped on the website to order the new triggers. I had absolutely no idea what the hell I was doing so I just bought what I thought I needed. It cost me a little over $200.

Laurie from Pintech gave me a call and said it looked like I had ordered like an idiot. Okay, she worded it much nicer, but the point was it was clear that she had a ridiculous order on her hands. She had me tear into my current triggers to figure out what model I had so I could get the right replacement. She was super friendly on the phone and didn’t make me feel nearly as retarded as she probably should have.

She immediately tossed out half my order because these parts didn’t even apply to my drum kit.

She also signed me up for their warranty dohickey which cost $45 or so but made my order half price, which instantly saved me some cash. Anybody who purchased a used Pintech kit can by this warranty thing for half price fixes. There were some other perks too involving cymbal upgrades, but I don’t remember the details. (The point of this is to point out exceptional service, not sell you a warranty!)

I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE companies that will give me the secrets of saving some cash with that company. I wish more audio companies lived by this “free insider secrets” thing. This is the way I do business and what I feel is the ultimate path to long term success.

All in all I ended up getting exactly what I needed and saved well over $100. I’m impressed! I’ll be dealing with Pintech more often!


Brandon Drury

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