Toontrack DFH Superior 2.0 video

Brandon Drury —  February 17, 2008

I’m the proud owner of the first DFH Superior. I’ve been using if for several years. I think it’s a tremendous piece of gear. I love it for programming drums. There are some things that I would change about DFH Superior. Most of these fall into the “tricks” and “room” category. The room mic in DFH is not as big and exciting as I would probably have liked.

I love BIG drums! I don’t hear a bit of cheese when I hear Power Station drums or Mr. Mister drums. (Shut up! I’m serious! Those drums are AWESOME!) It would have been nice if DFH Superior 1.0 would have gave more options for making the big drums quickly. In an ideal situation, I wouldn’t have to make a weak attempt at big, real drums by using stupid reverb plugins. I want REAL room mics and I want them big.

It looks like the guys at Toontrack got serious when they began working on DFH Superior 2.0! It appears that DFH Superior 2.0 has no limits! I’m impressed!

There are three different stereo groups of room mics! These room mics sound INCREDIBLE! Some of these room mics have already been compressed with 1176s. Great!
On top of that, they even have a distorted track. This something I’ve used in the past. GREAT!

It’s going to be hard to hold back from buying DFH Superior 2.0!

Of course don’t take my word for it. Watch the DFH Superior 2.0 video from NAMM!


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