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I’ve never found a home recording book that laid all the facts out there in a way that didn’t read like a high school text book. Here’s a preview of my upcoming home recording book.

After helping thousands of people get started with home recording, I decided that there was simply too much info and concepts of not only getting started with home recording, but also actually making great recordings for a forum / website.

So I’m writing a book to tackle the subject of home recording. The idea is get everyone starting out up to a level of a person who has been recording full time for two or three years. In other words, the idea here is for anyone who started recording today to have a solid grasp on all the concepts needed to make great recordings in the time it takes to read this book that would otherwise take 3 years to learn by trial and error. Save yourself 1,000 days of trouble.

Goals for my upcoming home recording book:

Save you money – There are zillions of traps out there to get your money. It’s easy for a person who has very simple needs and very simple desires to get sucked into a credit card abyss because of bad advice by people who don’t know what they are talking about. There is this implication going around that a person needs $10,000-20,000 in recording gear to capture an incredible recording. This book’s goal is to focus on the factors in a recording that REALLY matter. Because I’ve chosen to be a professional home studio owner, I MUST get maximum bang for my buck on every purchase I make. (Pro home studio owners are NOT rich!). I’ll pass these concepts on to you.

Save you time – When learning the craft of recording, there is A LOT to learn. Too much! On top of that, bad advice is given by forum jerks who don’t know the answers themselves every day. (I’d like to think that the Recording Forum here at Recording Review is different!). By cutting through the garbage and getting straight to business, my goal is to convey the concepts I use to make decisions when buying new gear, placing a microphone, or dealing with a musician. By sharing 7 years of mistakes with you, I can keep you from wasting a few thousand hours of time chasing your own tail.

Have fun – I can’t think of one recording book that didn’t feel like Ben Stein was reading it to me. If I wanted a sleeping pill, I’d watch Friends or Everybody Loves Ramon. If I want to really learn about home recording, I want someone with a pulse to actually write in a way that is at least semi-fun.

Make better recordings – Of course, the ultimate goal is to get you making better recordings IMMEDIATELY after reading my book. I don’t think this will be a problem! While reading is no replacement for real world experience, I feel that the time saved by not repeating my mistakes will get you on the fast track to being a better audio engineer.

Book Title?
I still haven’t settled on a title for my new home recording book yet. I need your help. Help me name my home recording book here.

Book Release Date?
I’m not sure. My initial goal was to have this book finished some time ago. My desire to make the book as good as it possibly can be (along with a big boost in studio business and well as web design / consulting) has pushed the release date back quite a bit.


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