Download Killer Home Recording: Setting Up

Method #1
To download Killer Home Recording: Setting Up, right click here, and save it.

If you are having trouble opening the Zip file, I HIGHLY recommend you try 7-zip. It’s totally free!

Method #2
Some people have had problems with the .zip file (for whatever reason) so you can download the PDF directly by right clicking here.

If you run into any problems at all, please email me immediately. I’ll help you out as soon as I can.


6 responses to Download Killer Home Recording: Setting Up

  1. brandon i know nothing about home recording,and would like to know what equipment i would need. there’s some gospel songs i would like to try recording from cd’s but done have a clue on the equipment needed,not knowing if this is something i can do would like to have information on what you would reccomend does all systems require a computer,would prefer without.
    appreciate your help

  2. thanx very much for the Killer Home Recording – Setting Up.. I love music and I can play music but just recently I took interest in electronic music and I belive the set up pdf will be a great starting point for me.. I still need a lot of help and I belive Im in the right place.. Im seeing a great lot of stuff here but all is still advanced stuff to me, Im just a beginner.. However, Im starting to explore FL 10 and Adobe Audition 1.5 to make myself familiar with them. I hope to get all the help and tips I need from u guys..
    Once again, Its great to be here..

  3. thanks so much for your kindness to share your experience and guiding the upcomming producers like me. please i have gotten a behringer C-1 mic, pop filter, behringer 1204 mixer(12 channels), i hav a laptop 220GB,3GB,2.20GHZ. i also bought a desktop of dua core,230GB,2GB,2.0GHZ. please what soundcard is best for a home studio using cubase5,sonar, and adobe audition. and please with what i have, what do i need to buy more to make quality recordings. am going digital. thanks in advance.

  4. The best audio interface seems to be dependent on budget. A lot of guys seem really happy with their Focusrite Scarlet interfaces. That may be the bang-for-buck king, but I’ve not used one. My RME HDSP9652 has been absolutely bulletproof.

    what do i need to buy more to make quality recordings.

    You’ll need to be specific on what you are wanting to do. I’ve written an entire 13-book series on that very topic. SMILEY

  5. thanks very much. please how can i apply echo effect and mega-fone-like voice to my recordings. i am using cubase 5. thanks in advance

  6. For echo (delay), create an FX Channel and select one of the delays that comes with Cubase. Click on the vocal or whatever channel you want to have that delay. Use the sends to cram signal into that delay FX channel.

    For megaphone sounds, I use inserts. I use a high pass filter at 1k or so (maybe 500Hz). I use a low pass filter at 4k or so. Then I add distortion. Done.

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