Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 Pre-Order Available

Brandon Drury —  June 5, 2008

I’ve been mega-pumped up about the upcoming Superior Drummer 2.0 release by Toontrack for a long time. I’ve owned DFH Superior for some time and have had great results with it, but there were always a few things that bugged me. Mostly, I like BIG drum sounds. When I can get away with a big, live room on a mix I NEED big room sounds. DFH Superior reallly didn’t offer in any big, ambiant drum sounds.

The guys had Toontrack have taken care of the big room sounds and just about everything else I would want in a drum sample package. The video from the NAMM show looked very exciting! It’s possible that this may even be the very last drum sample package I need to buy. (Yeah right!)

While Superior Drummer 2.0 costs $350, an upgrade from DFH Superior only cost me a $130. An upgrade from EZ Drummer costs $250. With the low price of the upgrade there is no way I could have waited. I had to jump on this immediately.

Brandon Drury

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