LunarPages Web Hosting Review

Brandon Drury —  May 14, 2008

In a situation where Lunarpages could could have profited from my greater needs, they chose to sabotage my business.

Just in case you don’t want to read this entire artcle, Lunarpages:

  • Intentionally notifies you about major issues over the Holidays with insufficient notice.
  • Uses random configurations from server to server where scripts and mods may work fine on one and shut the entire site down on another with no claim to responsibility for breaking these scripts.
  • When these random configurations cause problems, their tech support staff was entirely incompetent.
  • More concerned with penalizing me than helping me.

Insufficient Notice Over The Holidays
Just last fall, it was the biggest shopping day of the year. I was expecting to do well pushing my affiliate program. I was excited. I had been away from the computer (a very rare thing!) for the Thanksgiving holiday. I found out on Saturday that the night before Thanksgiving Lunarpages had emailed me to let me know that they would be moving my site to a new server and that if I did not respond before Friday they would proceed with this server move. Essentially, I had no say in the matter. I would have immediately requested that they wait until Monday before moving the server.

Uses Random Configurations From Server To Server
The long story short is their new server had different configuration settings that totally crashed my site. I had php include pathways that were now busted. This led to a dramatically long set of problems that took me 4 days and close to 60 hours of work. The nature of the work made troubleshooting much more difficult than it should have been. (If vbSEO is turned off, the htaccess file needs to be temporarily renamed! Knowing that would have saved me about 59 hours of work!)

Totally Incompetent Customer Support
When I called customer support, I did the usual sit on the phone for two hour bit. When someone answered the phone, it was clear that he had about 5 minutes worth of training and didn’t know a server from the hole in his head.

More Concerned With Penalizing Me Than Helping Me
Mr. Tech Support has no interest in solving my problem. He, however, did notice that I was using quite a bit of resources on the server (which were caused by the error from moving me to a server wtiha different configuration). I explained to him that I could not fix the server usage issues until I had my site functional. He did not care. He immediately put a hold on my account that a manager would have to lift causing to be down several extra day and costing me money.

To Stay With Lunarpages Or Give Them The Middle Finger???
A part of me said “Screw Lunarpages” after they dismantled my livelihood for nearly one week. I wanted to get even. Of course, my tactics would not be legal, so I chilled out and decided that the site was back up and running and it would be best to not deal with tricky server stuff if I didn’t have to. I knew that if my forum grew, I would need to upgrade to a larger account. I decided not to jump the gun. Up until 6 days ago, that was a smart move. I saved about $800 on hosting charges alone. Not bad! Most of those savings are now gone.

It turns out that one day some employee got bored and decided to check out whatever server was located on. was using too many server resources. He panicked! Instead of trying to solve the problem in a manner that is compatible with goodwill, the Geneva Convention, or human decency he acted like a sick coward running Enron. It was the equivalent to shooting a baby in the face to quiet her. The only problem with this (besides the sick notion of shooting a baby in the face in the name of comfort) is there is now a pissed father. Yes, I’m pissed!

It appears that I was over my CPU usage limit. This is tricky. After the Thanksgiving situation, I. I knew that I was going to require an upgrade soon. Time went on and I expected to get an email that said “Brandon, you exceeded your resources by X amount. We need to come up with a solution for this in 14 days.”. I never received this. I just went along thinking everything was fine.

This past Wednesday I was getting ready to go to bed. As I lift my heavy eyelids, I look up to see a nice pretty error message. This is clearly a LunarPages imposed error and not an issue with my code. I figured that I needed to renew my account or something. No, this one was much worse. It turned out that my CPU usage was too high.

Someone, without even taking the time to call or even email me, decided to simply kill my website! Let me repeat that! They took myself offline without even a phone call or email! For a site that is big on this 99% uptime, it appears beyond disgusting that one of their employees intentionally reduced my uptime to less than 99%. For a better part of the day, I had ZERO% uptime.

Wait a minute!!! They essentially killed my account, shut down everything that I’ve busted my tail over the past 2.5 years because I was using too much CPU power! Let’s think about this for just a second. When I go to a tire business and say “I want to buy 4 tires” they say “okay”. When I say “I want to buy 400 tires” they “ALRIGHT!!”. It turns out that I, as the owner of a website exceeding resources, was running a successful site. The worst possible thing you can do to a site that is successful is turn it off! It’s reasonable to assume that a site that is this busy makes a little bit of money (not much!). They could have immediately upgraded me to their $100 a month plan and kept me on as a customer.

I want to know why on their main propaganda page it says “99% uptime” when they will intentionally pull the plug on you if you grow too large. Lunarpages should have had an automatic system to announce it that I was over my limit and we need to come up with a solution in the next week or two. I’m aware of the fact that I was using a shared hosting where I have neighbors I was the guy being too noisy in the apartment. But if you have a soundproofed option that costs 10x as much, the loud guy is THE guy you sell to.

Even though Lunarpages puts on a professional appearance and can handle any website with modest needs, the second that things go wrong, they illustrate how they are a bunch of second rate amateurs. If they had set up each server to a consistent manner I would have never needed to deal with their useless, and even vindictive customer support. If they had a system in place to watch out for excessive server usage, they could have easily caught my situation before it was an issue and actually profited from me.

It will be one week as of tonight that my site is down. I feel demoralized! I’ve worked way too hard to give business to people who want to bring me down. If you are looking for web hosting, I would HIGHLY recommend that you do not go with Lunarpages.

Brandon Drury

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Brandon Drury quit counting at 1,200 recorded songs in his busy home recording studio. He is the creator of and is the author of the Killer Home Recording series.

7 responses to LunarPages Web Hosting Review

  1. Dave in Carolina May 15, 2008 at 12:14 am

    I have found that most dumb asses do not know (or refuse to admit) that they are dumb asses and it seems that scholarly research backs me up. Dr. David A. Dunning a professor of psychology at Cornell says that according to his research, most incompetent people do not know that they are incompetent. On the contrary. People who do things badly, Dunning has found in studies, are usually supremely confident of their abilities — more confident, in fact, than people who do things well.
    Therefore with this knowledge in hand, I believe it is incumbent upon us “the competent” to inform these dumb asses that they are indeed, “dumb asses”. In so doing we are providing a great service to them and society in general. So let it ring far and wide that you are doing the right thing by calling their “competence” into question.
    My own private research has found that “dumb asses” are most commonly found in positions of government (both elected and appointed) and larger corporations, however they are also randomly scattered throughout society as you well know.
    Good luck in rebuilding what some dumb ass has torn down but know that you are doing us all a service by pointing out these dumb asses who excel in incompetence.
    Thanks, Dave
    Here is a link to the article by Erica Goode, New York Times

  2. I wish you could get these stinkers somehow.

  3. Dave, Now that you have appropriately described dumb asses, I hope you will go on to describe sh*t asses. Thanks.

  4. TheSilentDrummer May 15, 2008 at 12:36 pm


    Wow, that sucks. I can offer better reviews of 1&1 hosting (, but I certainly have not used my hosting package to its full potential. On a modest 3 dollars a month, I have used less than one percent of my 10GB webspace, less than ten percent of my MYSQL database, and less than 1 percent of my 300GB transfer rate/month. I even switched credit cards without updating the number in my account, and they sent me a nice email giving me 14 days to figure things out before they shut down my site. I don’t think LunarPages would have done that. Also, they gave me 5 days notice on the server migration of my site, and then, it was only down 15 minutes at like 12AM central time.

    I have no clue what resources uses, but I would recommend That is, if only switching between hosts was easier than swithing within a host…..

  5. you know i’ve been a dumb ass occasionaly as i’m sure most of us will admit to. but we’re amateur dumbasses so we can be excused. their is no excuse for professional dumb asses! how the hell do they stay in business?it sure would be better for us if hey went out of business. where do i send the money to help out? i don’t need anything back except recording review to stay operating!!!!! onwards to bigger and better El Supremo!!!

  6. +1 for 1and1 hosting. I had their $3 a month plan for a while too, and it worked fine. Server was uber-fast, came with all sorts of free coupons for advertising agents (for mah monies!) and it was up within a day and a half of placing my order for it.

    Sorry to hear that lunarpages are a bunch of assholes. I vote for the middle finger.

  7. Thanks for the suggestion, but has grown too big. We are simply using too much CPU power for a $3 hosting plan to work. We were kicked off of a $10 per month host for using 50x our allotted usage!