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Brandon Drury —  October 25, 2007

I’m sure many of you have heard of sites like Digg or Delicious. These websites are known as “social bookmarking” sites. The idea is the site is run as a democracy. Where this blog is ran by a dictatorship…(ME!!!…I like the sound of that maybe a little too much), a social bookmarking site is ran by the members of that site. In other words, the people decide what the best “stuff” is and the site lists the best “stuff” at the top of the page.

While Digg and all of those are great for useless crap, I wanted a social bookmarking site that a category for “acoustics” and “Awesome Guitar Playing”. You just don’t find that kind of stuff on Digg.

Social Bookmarking GuitarsThe Launch of Noise Maker News
I’ve created what I believe to be the first social bookmarking site for musicians. Check it out. I hope you like it.

If you like it:

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Feel free to submit any articles, blogs, videos, or anything else relating to music!

I Need Help
I need help improving Noise Maker News, so if you have any suggestions, post them on the Suggestions Thread here on the forum or just leave comments below.

Go Easy On Me
Noise Maker News is BRAND NEW! The software it uses is still in BETA and I’ve never ran a social bookmarking site before.

Brandon Drury

Brandon Drury

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