New Contest: Trash The Wizard – Win iZotope Trash2

Brandon Drury —  January 27, 2014 — 3 Comments
Win Trash2

[schema type="event" evtype="Event" url="" name="Trash The Wizard Contest" description="Win iZotope Trash2 for submitting the winning suggestion to improve the Audio Interface Wizard 2.20" sdate="2014-01-22" stime="12:30 pm" edate="2014-03-23" ]Guys and Gals,
I’m looking to make my Audio Interface Wizard 2.0 as awesome as possible. Make a post on this thread ( Trash The Wizard Contest – Win iZotope Trash2 ) and tell me one thing I should change. You are entered! Make a second post with a second suggestion. You are entered again! (Kinda like a raffle ticket, I guess. Enter as many times as you want.)

One person will win one of my absolute favorite plugins (and winner of my elite Bulletproof Award), iZotope’s Trash2. (See my review: iZotope Trash2 Review)

What Kind Of Feedback Am I Looking For

  • Anything confusing? Tell me about it.
  • Is your audio interface listed correctly? If not, let me know how to correct it.
  • Any typos in the text?

For details head over to Trash The Wizard Contest – Win iZotope Trash2.


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3 responses to New Contest: Trash The Wizard – Win iZotope Trash2

  1. Hello you should tell us the prices

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Are the prices not showing up for you?

  3. I searched for at least 16 inputs, multiple monitor mixes required, and not much in the way of digital inputs/outputs. Maybe I used the wizard improperly, but I was expecting something like the Echo Audiofire 12, Antelope Orion, or an RME interface to show up.

    Maybe if the wizard was capable of taking into account the interfaces that were capable of being chained together for greater total number of inputs? The Echo Audiofire 12 can be easily chained together to do 24 or 32 inputs. At that kind of price point, I would be interested in the idea of buying multiple boxes (not unlike AVID HD interfaces!) if it meant getting the number of separate conversion channels that I needed.

    Just my .02 based on my first run through the wizard!


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