Toontrack Mixing Wars: Metal

Brandon Drury —  December 28, 2009

Toontrack Mixing Wars

We still have a few days left for an exciting contest that will definitely help you improve your metal mixing chops, give you more perspective of what goes into metal recording and production on the tracking side, and get feedback from us Gestapo Committee members here at Recording Review on specifically how to improve your mix.

All the while, you’ll have a chance to win a mega package from Toontrack! The winner will be snagging Superior Drummer 2.0 , Drum Kit From Hell, and Metal Foundry.

Metal recording and mixing has a handful of specialized tactics (particularly on kick drum mixing) that most of genres don’t have to deal with. By jumping in and going to town on a mix that all of the Gestapo Committee members have already got their faders on, we can help in ways that actually crush that of Bash This Recording, which WAS my go to method for improving the sound of your recordings.

When you download the big ol’ zip file you’ll get all drum tracks (exported from Metal Foundry), one bass DI, 5 guitar tracks, and a vocal track. So this contest is a great way to hone your metal mixing chops on guitars, bass, drums, and vocals. (Technically, they are all part of the same thing) but for beginners there can be huge value in breaking them up just a bit.

For those of you new to compressor and equalizer techniques, you’ll be able find out what techniques are working for you and what mixing tactics aren’t working. There couldn’t be a better “how to mix” guide.

You’ll also hear problems and flaws in my tracking that need to be sorted out at mix time. By seeing how the best sounding mixes turned out and asking those Recording Review members for help on specifically how they did it, you can acquire a ton of knowledge right off the bat. This is an opportunity that doesn’t come around much so make sure you hop on it as soon as possible.

Head here for Rules, Downloads, and Prizes.

The last day to enter the contest is Sunday, Jan 3, 2010.

Also keep an eye out for Toontrack Mixing Wars: Country in January and Toontrack Mixing Wars: Techno in February.

If you have any questions or comments about Toontrack Mixing Wars: Metal feel free to post on the forum or contact me personally.

Make sure to check out other entries in the Toontrack Mixing Wars: Metal contest so you can see how others approached mixing the heavy metal song and you can gain perspective and ideas as to how to handle your own mix. In the contest category you’ll see that I’ve included the MIDI files so you can run your kick, snares, toms through other drum samples. I’ve also included the DI guitar files so you can reamp the guitars or use your favorite guitar emulator plugin


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