Your Band In A CockFight

Brandon Drury —  July 15, 2008

Here’s an interesting idea I stumbled upon. It’s called Apparently it’s kind of like racing for pink slips only the name of the game is band marketing. Instead of losing your ride, you instead only lose a couple of bucks per month. Of course, you may win a car and it looks like this dude is giving away some real cash. Apparently there is some way that you can defer the $5 bill to another month. ( I’m not exactly sure how that part works. That appears to be some kind of propetual motion machine and as far as I know I’m the only one with plans for it. )

It’s an interesting idea. It’s always nice to see more cock-fight style gambling going on in music. It has a capitalistic way of kicking you in the butt to win at all costs. I’m not sure if musicians are going to be willing to spend $5 per month to slug it out, but apparently it’s possible to win some serious cash. I wonder how the mafia would run this.

It looks like he’s just getting started so we’ll have to keep on eye on it.

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Brandon Drury

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Brandon Drury quit counting at 1,200 recorded songs in his busy home recording studio. He is the creator of and is the author of the Killer Home Recording series.

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