Interview With Boz From BozDigitalLabs

Brandon Drury —  March 18, 2014 — 5 Comments
Boz Digital Labs Interview

I got to sit down and chat with Boz from Boz Digital Labs (plugin company) about Al-Qaeda, suicide, his murder record, reverb plugins, and a whole slew of other garbage no one should ever care about. On listening back, I think we may give The Whitest Kids You Know a run for their money.

Of course, make sure to check out our latest contest at Recording Review: Littlefoot’s Leghorns 2014
Boz is offering all of his plugins FOREVER for this ultra-easy contest to enter.

You can follow Boz on Twitter @bozdigitallabs and on Facebook at

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Direct download to the mp3. Interview_With_Boz


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5 responses to Interview With Boz From BozDigitalLabs

  1. The wife test is the ultimate. If you can get past that you’ve made it!
    Great interview, Thanks.

  2. I totally agree about ReaVerbate. It’s not a very usable reverb. ReaEQ and ReaComp are good.

  3. Boz,

    Can you post a sample of the “guitar – 5 gallon bucket splash” ?

  4. A really fun interview !
    I,m glad I desided to take a break and get to know you guys better.

    Looking forward to the innovative, simple solutions you’ve described.

  5. Interesting to hear the humility — the experience that the more time we spend with audio, the more we realize what we don’t know, and the less we find we can trust our ears.

    Boz – I appreciate your approach to plugins so far. I have found your current offerings useful. Bigfoot could become a classic!

    Here’s what I’d be interested in hearing you pursue: a vocal Breath-Reduction plug; and a Reverb-Reduction plugin. (I know Waves and SPL have approaches. I’d be interested in your approach, and price point.)

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