Cakewalk and Windows 7

Brandon Drury —  October 2, 2009

As the release date for Windows 7 approaches, Cakewalk is already an early adopter, guaranteeing SONAR’s compatibility with the new PC platform. In an exclusive Q&A, Cakewalk’s Chief Technical Officer Noel Borthwick, a noted expert on Windows platforms, covers crucial topics around the introduction of Windows 7, such as compatibility with Cakewalk products, issues in upgrading from Windows XP and related points of interest for PC users.

When asked if he would make the switch to Windows 7 at home, Noel replied:

“Windows 7 finally delivers on the stability and performance that users hoped for from Vista. The kernel changes and optimizations for large scale multi-core processors make it very attractive to DAW users who are interested in better low latency performance. I will be building a new DAW soon and Windows 7 X64 will be my OS of choice.”

For an in-depth look at Windows 7 and how it may affect your use of Cakewalk products, please stop by the Cakewalk blog:

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One response to Cakewalk and Windows 7

  1. I have a cakewalk pro audio 9 that I have used for XP,now I have a Windows 7,how can I update?