Steven Slate Drums 3.5

Brandon Drury —  September 10, 2009

Steven Slate Drums 3.5 is a free update, and has all new encoding
for the SSD Player powered by Kontakt3. This update brings you MANY
enhanced features.

The most noteable new feature is the “ADVANCED AMG”, a brand new
physically modeled anti machine gun algorithm developed for Yellow
Matter,which allows the drums to play with an extremely natural and
detailed response.

Other New Features:
- all new velocity programming for smooth natural playing
- new remapping features that allow 6 toms, sidestick on vdrums,
- improved presets, improved snare sounds
- new “deep” kick knob adds extra warmth and depth to kicks
- new TRUE SWELLS crash button to enhance crash swells
- new VDRUM hi hat clamp setting emulates better hi hat clamp
- tom response greatly improved for ultra playability from keys
or pads
- quicker loading kits, less CPU intensive
- Platinum owners: 15 new “hybrid presets”
- new “universal” vdrum map
- new velocity customization knob for tailoring of “feel”
- new Snare Z2 Gog and Wavs, making snares smoother and longer

You will need your SSD3 serial number to get this update. If you
don’t have this number, you can find it when logging in to your NI
Service Center account.

Update At:

Please check out the two new Glen Sobel 3.5 videos at


Steven Slate and the Yellow Matter Team

Brandon Drury

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