DSP Latency Checker Utility

Brandon Drury —  June 26, 2008

I have just stumbled on a great new tool which I believe will make the troubleshooting of audio interface problems much easier than ever before. I’ll have to make sure to add this tool to the Home Recording Computers: Clicks, Pops, and Latency article I wrote some time ago.

The DSP Latency Checker utility is super simple. You download the 300K exe file, double click on the icon and it instantly starts testing your system. When drivers, hardware, etc are out of whack, this thing immediately tells you that your computer is having problems and gives some feedback as to what to do about it.

I’ll have to give this thing a full spin down the road. If anyone finds the DSP Latency Checker useful let me know. I always like to stay up to date with the best ways of helping people solve their technical problems in the Solve Technical Issues forum. For now, I just want to create awareness that such a tool exists.


Brandon Drury

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Brandon Drury quit counting at 1,200 recorded songs in his busy home recording studio. He is the creator of and is the author of the Killer Home Recording series.

One response to DSP Latency Checker Utility

  1. Nice. This thing actually works and does what it says it does. (At least on my systems.)