$108 Ashly PQX-571 vs $1200 Empirical Labs Lil Freq

Brandon Drury —  February 25, 2013 — 1 Comment

$108 Ashley PQX-571 vs $1200 Emperical Labs Lil Freq

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My studies in electronics and DSP show that a filter is a filter is a filter.  For all practical purpose an equalizer is an equalizer if it has the feature set you need and doesn’t screw up what you are doing somewhere down the line.  So I did some bargain shopping and picked up an Ashly PQX-571 for a whopping $108.  I put it up head to head against my $1,200 (used on Ebay price) Lil Freq I’ve used for years.

The Lil Freq is very well built and Empirical Labs has some of the best support I’ve ever needed.   Ashly is considered a mid-grade company and most people look at their equipment like your Plan C girl at the party.  (I was going to say “Plan D”, but that’s starting to sound fun again.)

So does the hyper hold up?  Find out  Analog EQ: $1,200 Empirical Labs Lil Freq vs $108 Ashly PQX-571

BTW, I want to thank Ethan Winer and his rather delicious, skeptic-inducing robo book, The Audio Expert , for inspiring this quick n dirty little test. It’s UNBELIEVABLE  how much cash you can save by listening and not caring about the hype.



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