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We designed the Rhino Kick Machine to be steroids for real kick drums, but we accidentally stumbled on to an amazing tool for hip hip and electronic music kick drums.

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For solo musicians running bedroom operations creating convincing drum tracks via MIDI can be a major time consuming pain in the ass! Is paying a drummer a little cash to program your MIDI a worth while investment?

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There have been claims that drum samples result in everyone having similar drum sounds. Guns don’t kill people, boring people with drum samples kill people. Ruprect demonstrates the versatility of the Superior Drummer 2.0 engine using 4 different expansion packs and their included MIDI loops.

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Ruprect reviews the best kept secret in the virtual drum instrument arena with 7 videos and 4 mp3 clips.

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I’ve been looking for electronic music drum samples that fit what I’m hearing in my head. I think I’ve found ‘em with Deadmau5 Xfer drum samples.

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Thinking about drum sounds? You may want to think about Ocean Way Drums!

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As you guys probably know, I’m a HUGE fan of Superior Drummer 2.0. I’ve talked about it many, many times. It’s one of two products that I have absolutely no problem fully endorsing as being mega awesome without any reservations.

If you are in need of realistic drum samples (or want an amazing platform for your electronic sounds such in Electronic EZX which we used in the upcoming Toontrack Mixing Wars: Techno contest) I think Superior Drummer 2.0 is THE way to go.

The only thing is, I always thought it was a $300-400 sample set. It appears now that you can snag it for a measly $149! That’s crazy!

Superior Drummer For $149

On top of that, a crossgrade from competitors gets you into Superior Drummer 2.0 for only $99!

Check out the crossgrade.