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Brandon Drury —  April 10, 2009

V-Plugs is proud to announce the release of Emphasizer – a powerful
sound processor that offers a unique new way to re-sculpt the sonic
character of audio material.

Emphasizer can be described as the cheeky young brother of the
equalizer, and anyone who has ever used an EQ will find Emphasiser
very easy to operate. Yet, soon after hearing it in action; you will
notice that the Emphasizer is quite a different creature, with
character and charm of its own!

Unlike the standard equalizer, Emphasizer does not directly boost or
attenuate a band of frequencies. Instead it uses V-Plugs new Selective
Dynamic Manipulation technology (SDM) to bring presence and emphasize
certain sound elements. The difference in sound and performance
between Emphasizer and a standard EQ becomes dramatic when you’re
feeding it with rhythmic audio material. When treating a drum loop,
you can emphasize and bring out the snare or the Hi-hat, when
processing an acoustic guitar you can get more focus on the finger
noise, or enhance the pick sound.

Emphasizer sounds great on vocals, acoustic and electronic sources,
and will add presence and character to anything you throw into it.

-Unique powerful tool for tone shaping
-Support for sampling rates of up to 192 kHz
-Based on V-Plugs SDM Technology
-Three operation modes for different tone shaping missions
-Two filter types with two filter algorithms
-A/B comparison
-Very efficient processing, optimized for native processors

Emphasizer is now available as a VST plugin for Windows and costs €59

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