Panipulator Plugin
I’m a huge fan of panning reverbs and delays to the opposite side of panned tracks for nailing big sounds without muddying up a mix too much or losing intelligibility. So, I had the Panipulator plugin created for me to allow me to invert panning (especially useful on aux sends/effects tracks of delays and reverbs), invert phase of left or right individually (great for fixing screwy stereo tracks or creating strange techno sounds), and a mono button (which is absolutely required for every mix I do).

See more about the free Panipulator.

Recording Gear Quiz
Can you pick out the $5,000 signal path verse the $100 signal path? Find out. Take the Recording Gear Quiz now and see if you can tell the difference between a budget signal chain of a SM57 > Presonus Firestudio preamp / converter vs a Royer R121 > Vintech 1272 > Distressor EL-8X > Mytek AD96.

Home Recording Soundcard Wizard
I created the Home Recording Soundcard Wizard because I felt there would be a MUCH better way of helping beginners find the right audio interface for their needs. The old method consisted of a person asking which audio interface they should purchase. A person would good intentions may take the time to help, but in almost every case, there advice wasn’t comprehensive enough.

I created the Home Recording Soundcard Wizard so that, in just a few minutes, a beginner could walk through each and every step of choosing an audio interface, have all complicated terminology explained in English, and then get a list of audio interfaces that met those needs.

Brandon’s Bulletproof Gear List
I’m constantly asked for gear recommendations. Sometimes it’s very difficult to recommend gear for someone else. Most gear is great sometimes and not so great other times. However, some gear flat-out rocks pretty much all the time. That’s what this list. It’s my Bulletproof Gear List.

Bash This Recording
Dramatically improve the quality of your mixes. At we have an active and dedicated community that loves to listen to the mixes you are cranking out and give advice as to what they think will improve it. I consider this to be best possible learning tool for improving your home recording skills on the planet.

Post a mix in Bash This Recording and see for yourself.

Recording Studios Directory
For those with at least 50 forum posts or who have donated at least $20 to I now offer inclusion into the Recording Studios Directory.

Audio Calculators
While the plan is to make many, many more, I put together two calculators recently. Wavelength Calculator and Delay Time Calculator.

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  1. Long time lurker. I wanna make a couple posts, who do I have to kill? Cannot find anyplace to post except here. I want to post two songs to fish for feedback. Hey, I just saw “Bash This Recording” above, maybe that’s it!
    I started here way back in 2008. I drop in from time to time just to lurk. I like your reviews. I originally wanted to find out which hardware interface to buy for my mics and guitar to computer. I ended up with PreSonus Audiobox USB. Glad I did.
    I posted response to Emma’s song. Good song. Why doesn’t my profile pic show up?

  2. Check out It covers the basics of RecordingReview. On the forum, you’ll want to click “Register” in the top right.

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